The Word of God is not chained

17 Apr

About a year ago ‘Christ: The Prince of Peace Even in Jail’ became available on Amazon as a non-fiction Ebook. The link is below. The reviews have been gracious. Thank you.   Since then, it’s been exciting to encourage county … Read More »

Citizens of heaven

26 Jan

If your emotions are tied to what leaders pronounce in DC then you may be frustrated and angry.As believers, we belong to Christ, a fact that overshadows day-to-day circumstances. We are citizens of heaven, our eternal home. (Phil. 3:20)Hebrews 11:13 … Read More »

How big is your God?

9 Jan

My view of God was too small. Is yours?The result of limiting God in our thoughts is a lack of trust.We can have inner confidence in God in the face of trials because He controls every atom in the universe. … Read More »

The Lord is faithful

27 Dec

The farther removed I am from my stay in jail in late 2017, including the long nights, the easier it is for me to forget how strongly I felt the love and assurance of God.In a way, I am thankful … Read More »

Today is the day of salvation

12 Dec

“I tell you, now is the time of God’s favor, now is the day of salvation.” 2 Cor. 6:2bHow much time does the unbeliever have remaining to cry out for God’s mercy, to put his faith in Christ?Psalm 39:5b says, … Read More »

God of Mercy, God of Justice

12 Oct

Weeks after I was out of jail, I would think that, just inside the jail walls, I knew men who were in a hopeless state. And men are there all the time.Likewise, hundreds of millions of men and women who … Read More »

The Bible is Truth

13 Sep

Do the common expressions of ‘good luck,’ ‘hang in there,’ or ‘I’m sorry’ ever comfort you beyond the surface when you are in distress? No, because there is no power in them or behind them.If the Bible is just another … Read More »