About Paul Wesley Sullivan

Paul Wesley Sullivan is a longtime reporter who has written thousands of news and sports stories for more than 30 years. His bylines cover topics ranging from college football to international terrorism.    

Paul’s first book, Christ: The Prince of Peace Even in Jail, is a true story about how the Lord used a 5-year ordeal, trial, and jail stay to cement Paul’s belief in Christ, and to demonstrate to Paul the power and truth of God’s Word. Christ: The Prince of Peace Even in Jail draws the reader deep into the thoughts of a jailed believer turning over the reins of his life to a loving God.  

The Lord then provides peace and rest to Paul after an unwanted 5-year divorce case filled with court hearings and jail threats.     

Christ: The Prince of Peace Even in Jail challenges the unbeliever to consider the promises of God through a detailed account of how God and His Word comforted and encouraged Paul during a dark moment in his life. Readers will be inspired to turn to God and His Word during trials and tribulations. 

Christ: The Prince of Peace Even in Jail encourages the Christian to be steadfast, trust God, and believe God’s promises during the most painful situations. 

Paul is a 1986 Auburn University journalism and economics graduate, father of three beautiful daughters, and member of Trinity Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Montgomery, Alabama.