The Word of God is not chained

17 Apr

About a year ago ‘Christ: The Prince of Peace Even in Jail’ became available on Amazon as a non-fiction Ebook. The link is below. The reviews have been gracious. Thank you.   Since then, it’s been exciting to encourage county … Read More »

Citizens of heaven

26 Jan

If your emotions are tied to what leaders pronounce in DC then you may be frustrated and angry.As believers, we belong to Christ, a fact that overshadows day-to-day circumstances. We are citizens of heaven, our eternal home. (Phil. 3:20)Hebrews 11:13 … Read More »

How big is your God?

9 Jan

My view of God was too small. Is yours?The result of limiting God in our thoughts is a lack of trust.We can have inner confidence in God in the face of trials because He controls every atom in the universe. … Read More »

The Lord is faithful

27 Dec

The farther removed I am from my stay in jail in late 2017, including the long nights, the easier it is for me to forget how strongly I felt the love and assurance of God.In a way, I am thankful … Read More »

Today is the day of salvation

12 Dec

“I tell you, now is the time of God’s favor, now is the day of salvation.” 2 Cor. 6:2bHow much time does the unbeliever have remaining to cry out for God’s mercy, to put his faith in Christ?Psalm 39:5b says, … Read More »

God of Mercy, God of Justice

12 Oct

Weeks after I was out of jail, I would think that, just inside the jail walls, I knew men who were in a hopeless state. And men are there all the time.Likewise, hundreds of millions of men and women who … Read More »